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 FREE MOVIE NIGHT: Monday, June 4 at 7pm we will screen video shorts on the topic of money in politic$ followed by "Koch Brothers Exposed" (52 min) at the Workshop Theater. Only 65 seats are available.
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The "Supreme" Court says corporations (and non-profits) are persons who can spend
unlimited amounts of money (as free speech) in federal elections. Massive bribery is free speech?

What do you say?

Thanks to ALL who participated!

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Friday, January 20

Schedule changes due to permit denial for 500 Pearl!
- Gather at Liberty Plaza (AKA Zuccotti park)
5:30 - March to Foley Square
6-7pm -
Rally across from Thurgood Marshall U.S. Courthouse
@ 40 Centre St.

Speakers: RevBilly, Russell Simmons, Chris Hedges, Laurence Lessig, Virgina Rasmussen of Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy, Camille Rivera of UnitedNY, Amy Muldoon of the Communication Workers Union, Alexis Goldstein of Occupy the SEC, a few city council members who supported the resolution to overturn citizen united + YOU through the people's mic & your demonstrations!

Event page for J20

Saturday, January 21

12pm @ City Hall Park (Broadway & Park Place).

Join us in the tour of offending corporations. We will march along NYC streets and stop at select locations to hear about that
business or industry and inform passersby with conversation & flyers. At the same time, we will have people stationed at a few outboard locations flyering and talking to the public ( will be assisting us at BP). Near the end of the action, we will take the subway to a pre-selected end location and all rally briefly together. Email to RSVP, especially if you'd like to staff a static location. Or just show up at City Hall Park. There will also be a rally organized by Occupy Faith in City Hall Park that will start earlier, at 11:45, so please, come early. End at approx 3pm.

Event page for J21

This is brought to you by the#occupywallstreet End Corporate Personhood/Get Money Out of Politic$ group
(part of the Politics & Electoral Reform Working Group) who is working to creatively collaborate
with a wide variety of persons (not corporations) for these events. Our meetings are open to everyone.

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